Looking to invest?

Project Investment Opportunities

Not many products provide the security and return on investment like real estate.  Given our broad range of services in both construction and real estate development, we often have opportunities for investors to become involved with us and enjoy investments and returns from quality projects.

Product categories available for investment opportunities:

                Multifamily Developments.
                Healthcare Facilities.
                Medical Office Buildings.
                Storage Unit Facilities.
                Car Wash and Auto Care.
                RV Parks.
                Light Industrial Buildings and Parks.

Should you be looking to invest in any of these types of facilities, please contact us at info@bonnevillebuilders.com.

For market information, please check out posts on our blog.

Overlake Professional Offices

Old Mill Corporate Center

Courtyard at Jamestown

Kaysville Business Park

Stansbury Retail Village Shopping Center

East Bay RV Park

Independence Student Living USU

Sandy Technology Center