& Hospitality

Our Apartment/Hospitality specialty area encompasses several different project types. This division of our company includes apartments, student housing, hotels, town houses and condominiums. We currently have hundreds of apartment units under construction and have a very stable and reliable database of subcontractors that know and do this type of work at a highly efficient price. We also have several student housing projects under construction on the campuses of Utah State University, Utah Valley University, Brigham Young University and Dixie State University. We have consultants we partner with on these projects to refer to those that may need assistance in developing this unique, yet highly desirable product type.
Also encompassed within this specialty area are hotels, including Holiday Inn and Marriott Corporation. Our schedules in regard to hotel building are aggressive and our quality is superb.
Finally, our Multi-Unit/Hospitality division also specializes in building town houses and condominiums. Town houses and condominium project are similar to apartment projects and are usually built by a similar group of our subcontractors.

BRIO Retirement Community Clubhouse

Meldrum House

Villas at Fern Circle